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The Press Freedom Centre was established in January 2001 by media researchers, media lawyers, journalists, economists and political scientists. It is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organisation working on a professional and non-political basis. The Centre

  • collects and distributes information about the Hungarian press and media
  • keeps contact with domestic and foreign professional organisations and news agencies
  • provides legal advising to journalists
  • provides courses in investigative journalism
  • publishes documents and studies pertaining to press freedom
  • organises public debates to discuss the Hungarian government’s media policy
  • analyses the work of the Hungarian Radio and Television Board and the Boards of Trustees of the public service media

The Press Freedom Centre works in cooperation with the Open Society Institute's Media Network Program, the media studies quarterly Médiakutató, and the Centre for Independent Journalism. The Press Freedom Centre seeks cooperation with further professional organisations.

The Chair of the Press Freedom Center is Judit Bayer, media lawyer. Its founding members are Péter Aradi (journalist), Péter Bajomi-Lázár (media researcher), Krisztina Kertész (media lawyer), Erika Keszthelyi (lecturer), Miklós Králik (economist), Mihály Szilágyi-Gál (political scientist), Mónika Pál (economist) Szilvia Pátkai (lawyer), László Veress (lawyer).

For further information contact the following email address: info@pressfreedom.hu


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