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The Hungarian Press Freedom Center organizes roundtable meetings to discuss current issues of press freedom in Hungary in order to keep the issue of press freedom on the public agenda. The discussions are open for the public. Scene of the discussions is the office of the Independent Media Centre.

Recent roundtable discussions:

Alternatives to the current boarding system of the public media
February 7, 2001.

Invited speakers: Helen Darbishire (COLPI), Miklós Haraszti (Free Democrats Association), Elemér Hankiss (former president of Hungarian Television), Miklós Sükösd (CEU), and Péter Bajomi-Lázár Péter (Kodolányi University College).
Moderated by Éva Vajda.

The reform of the broadcasting act
June 28, 2001

Invited speakers included Gabriella Cseh (former media lawyer of COLPI), Ildikó Kaposi (Médiakutató), István Wisinger (President of Hungarian Journalists Association), and Péter Szente (member of the Complaints Committee).
Moderated by dr. Bayer Judit (HPFC).

The future of Hungarian public television
October 30, 2001

Invited speakers included Miklós Gyorffy (Kodolányi János University College), Tímár János (National Radio and Television Board), István Pekár (president of Duna Television).
Moderated by Bajomi- Lázár Péter (HPFC).

Hate speech in the Hungarian press
January 15, 2002

Invited speakers included Gábor Bernáth (director of the Roma Press Center), András Gero (ELTE University), and Szilágyi-Gál Mihály (HPFC).
Moderated by Áron Monori (National Radio and Television Board).

Is the Hungarian press free?
March 12, 2002

Invited speakers included Balázs Sípos (Political Science Institute) Mária Vásárhelyi (ELTE University) and Mátyás Vince (vice-president of the Hungarian Journalists Association.
Moderated by Péter Bajomi-Lázár (HPFC).

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